Joris Vlaminckx


Clinical Psychologist. To make an appointment :

I offer my clients a safe environment where we make space for your own unique story. Without any judgement I will listen to you to set a treatment goal together after our first intake session. We can then, together, work towards this during the following therapy sessions.

As a licensed Clinical Psychologist (#348916) I am registered with the Belgian Commission of Psychologists and bound by our deontological professional code. I work with adults and young adults within a wide range of mental difficulties and symptoms.

I specialised myself in Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic therapy, though in practice I work from an integrative vision that I tailor to what you really need. This includes techniques from the person-centred orientations as well as evidence-based techniques from contemporary cognitive behavioural sciences in order to relieve your pain and symptoms in the shorter term. This can always be combined with the longer-term psychoanalytic form of therapy.

Often we cannot think ourselves out of our problems and we end up feeling more stuck in them, sometimes we need guidance and distance from these thoughts. Sometimes it is no longer clear why we keep making certain choices or keep doing the things we do.

Our social interaction patterns, coping styles and reactions are so unique to each of us and we often carry them with us from early on. Becoming aware of them and working through what lies underneath can have a very healing and relieving effect over time. New insights in ourselves can ultimately help us move forward. We can work again towards these things that give value to our lives and start achieving more of a sense of inner peace and greater overall wellbeing.

I am aware that taking the first step towards therapy can be a brave one for many. You can therefore make an appointment in my personal agenda in all discretion. You may also e-mail me or write me an sms so I can contact you back later to see if and how I can help you best as a psychologist.

The cost of one consultation or session is € 60 and lasts 50 minutes.

The first intake takes 60 minutes, at the same price.

You can pay via payconiq or in cash. Please consult your health insurance company for the conditions for a partial reimbursement.

You can make an appointment on: